Earthrise Resource Solutions
Earthrise Resource Solutions
rFT - Cutting the Time, Risk and Cost for Resource Exploration
  • rFT: the gold standard in resource exploration

    Direct measurement of any resources unique signature. rFT produces a 3D model/map of the resource body at a level of detail & knowledge previously thought impossible.

    Cutting the Time, Risk and Cost for Resource Exploration

    Current resource exploration methods rely on data interpretation, assumption and experience and can take 10+ years, with high risks of failure, long lead times and high costs. rFT directly measures the naturally occurring fingerprint of any resource bodies allowing precise 3D mapping of below ground resources, reducing risk and providing certainty.

A technology proven over 30 yrs of ongoing research & 10+ yrs of successful projects

Resource Finder Technology (rFT)  has been used in over 400 research & commercial projects to date, and has been used successfully in the petrochemical industry for decades.  In the last decade rFT has also been adopted in the mining industry exploring iron, coal, anthracite, nickel, gold, platinum, copper, zinc, silver, lead, chromite to name just a few.


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Resource Finder Technology (rFT
is a combination of 3 services:

Mineral Finder Technology

Oil & Gas Finder Technology

Water Finder Technology

rFT services provide highly valuable additional information to improve decision making 

during extraction viability and design phases; eliminating costly errors and saving time. 

Think of it as a MRI image of your resource body

rFT has moved the exploration goalposts from inference and interpolation of small data sets to detailed 3D modelling, knowledge, clarity, certainty & vastly reduced risk.

Practical application on over 200 commercial projects, including tailings reviews, has delivered 98.5% correlation between the rFT resource model and data gathered from core drilling samples.

rFT is a passive system - it does not have an environmental impact - no environmental permit is needed, further reducing exploration time.